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Our services range from full service mowing, clean ups, snow removal and more. Read below to find the service that best fits your needs and budget.

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Lawn Mowing Services | Lawns Unlimited

Full Service Mowing

Our full service mowing includes includes mowing, trimming, sidewalk edging, removal of limbs and debris from lawn areas and blowing of grass clippings from curbs, walks, drives and patios.

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Spring Clean Up

Spring clean up is an essential to get ready for summer. We will remove the majority of winter debris, cut back seasonal plants and ensure your bed edging and perimeter edging is in place.

Fall Clean Up | Lawns Unlimited

Fall Clean Up

Fall clean up is an essential at get ready for winter. We will remove any fall debris from your yard and dead leaf buildup. In addition, we will rake all of your unwanted leaves and other debris.

Snow Removal | Lawns Unlimited

Snow Removal

Let us remove the snow from your property to make travel easier and safer after the next winter storm. We also provide salt and sanding services. With our snow removal service, you will find the highest level of safety, quality and high attention to detail.

Shrub Trimmer | Lawns Unlimited

Shrub Trimming

Shrub trimming is an add-on service as apart of a routine maintenance plan. We trim your shrubs to enhance the appearance and accessibility of your property. Costs will vary with shrub size and type.

Clean Up | Lawns Unlimited Wichita

Landscape Mulch & Clean Up

We will look at your entire landscape and pick a mulch that is right for you. Our goal is to keep your soil from growing weeds, erosion and water runoff. Cleaning up your landscape is also included.

Aeration | Lawns Unlimited


Aeration is the process of creating openings in the lawn to help air, water and nutrients move into the soil to the grass roots, alleviate soil compaction and help reduce thatch. Fall and growing season is the best time for aeration.

Dethatching | Lawns Unlimited


Thatch forms are a natural part of turf's growing process. As long as it is not more than 3/4 inches thick, thatch increases your lawn's health. But, we have the expertise to determine if your lawn needs detaching and the training to do the job right.

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