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Is your lawn the envy of the neighborhood? Whether it’s manicured like a golf course or, well, just plain coarse, Lawns Unlimited is dependable, fully insured and has the expertise to make your yard look its best. The landscaping services at Lawns Unlimited include mowing, trimming, cleanup and snow removal.

Owner Chance Berschauer founded Lawns Unlimited nearly a decade ago. Quality is his number one priority.

Our services

Lawn Mowing Services | Lawns Unlimited

Full Service Mowing

At Lawns Unlimited, the beauty doesn't stop with neatly cut grass. We pick up stray limbs and debris, edge sidewalks and trim around trees, fences and objects. Grass clippings are blown from curbs, sidewalks, drives and patios.

Clean Up | Lawns Unlimited Wichita

Seasonal Cleanup

Spring and fall clean up are essential to get your landscaping ready for the next season. We remove debris and cut back seasonal plants. Our personalized approach to cleanup will keep your home looking neat all year long.

Shrub Trimmer | Lawns Unlimited

Shrubbery Shaping

The meticulous shrubbery trimming by the skilled lawn care specialists at Lawns Unlimited transforms tired bushes into works of living art. Enhance the appearance and accessibility of your property with this add-on service.

Dethatching | Lawns Unlimited

Landscape Maintenance

We help your craft your existing shrubs and plants into a beautiful landscape that matures right along with your home.

Attention To Detail

Every lawn is different. We create a custom plan for each lawn.

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